This is undoubtedly the company's biggest asset. We're one big family and all the members of the team are very much involved in the firm and feel Concejo Bodegas is their home. That's definitely something to be proud of.


He's been with the winery since it was founded and is responsible for everything related to it, contributing passion, enthusiasm and hard work.


He's been pruning the vines for years and knows them better than anyone else. A tireless worker with an obvious love of the countryside, he's in his element in the vineyards.

Silvia BNSilvia

The winery's technical director, responsible for steering our wines towards freshness, fruit and terroir.


Olga's responsible for administration, providing ideas, order and good sense.

Kike BN


Enrique is the alma mater of the winery. He's the one who's always coming up with fresh challenges for the company which, as a team, we manage to carry out.