Wine in Valoria Wine has been produced in Valoria since the 12th century. It was the "white monks" or Premonstratensians who brought vines to their monastery in Grijalba, which depends on Santa María de Retuerta. In the 13th century a castle was founded of the Order of Calatrava, which today belongs to the winery and holds our wine tourism project, Concejo Hospedería, as well as continuing to spread the cultivation of vines throughout the region. In the 15th century, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand gave a toast at their wedding with a wine from the region and drew up regulations to govern the production and transport of wine in the area. The family still has an original edition of these regulations. Libro-12 More than 100 family wineries were still producing wine at the end of the 19th century. In fact, the vineyards were so extensive the Valoria locals called them “jopos”, a "jopa" being a type of hoe used to dig around the vines. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Wine in the family In 1906 the first vineyards were bought and wine was produced uninterruptedly until the 1950s. Afterwards the vines were gradually dug up until only 3 hectares were left. In the 1980s Antonio Concejo restructured the vineyards with a vision ahead of its time, creating the current estate that covers almost 30 hectares, already thinking of making "vinos de pago" or single estate wines one day. This terroir has the largest content of limestone in the Duero valley, producing wines of great quality and personality.


Today's project At the end of the 1990s, Enrique and Olga started up the current project with few resources but great zeal. They gave up their jobs in Madrid and tried to get the winery going again, especially hoping to add something different to the region. The most important resource, the vines already planted in a unique soil, were at an interesting age and were soon widely appreciated. Silvia joined the team in 2009 and we started to certify our wines as organic. In 2010 the Concejo Hospedería was inaugurated and, with the same zeal, we strive to continue offering the best of our terroir and our passion for vines and for Valoria. We've been making wine for 15 years and we love what we do. olgayenrique